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Johanna Hedlund

My research has focused on environmental and climate policy and analysis; areas that attract me due to their close link to decision-making. I received my PhD in sustainability science from Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, where I used a network approach to study the link between policy issue interdependencies and policy actors’ collaboration. Policy issues rarely affect only single groups of actors and stakeholders, interests, and/or societal- or environmental problems, but are intertwined with other policy issues through common and overlapping policy processes, and/or through biophysical linkages across space and time. This implies that a policy issue often depends on another policy issue for its most effective solution, which often brings challenges in terms of policy integration and coordination.

I am interested in how governance strategies can respond to threats and opportunities that cross different types of jurisdictional boundaries and borders. I was involved in developing the Transnational Climate Impact index, which quantified countries’ exposure to the globalised effects of climate change impacts. Recently, I am interested in how international cooperation agreements match with systemic risks driven by climate change, and what makes some forms of international cooperation perform better in managing such risks.

I was a Postdoctoral researcher in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.