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Anne-Marie Hitipeuw-Gribnau

At the moment, I am Chief Resilience Officer of the City of The Hague and responsible for the development and implementation of the Resilience Strategy (2019). As part of the 100 Resilient Cities network, The Hague received support to develop this strategy, set up a multistakeholder process, investigate the shocks and stresses for The Hague and translate these into resilience opportunities and initiatives for our city. Prior to becoming The Hague’s first Chief Resilience Officer, I worked for City of The Hague’s International Programme as Senior Strategic Advisor. I developed programmes on Big Data for Peace and Humanity, Urban Security and Water Diplomacy.

Before joining the City of The Hague, I worked for the engineering firm Arup on eco-cities in Beijing and Shanghai. Furthermore, I gained expertise in the modelling work while working for the Environmental Simulation Center in New York City. For UN-Habitat, I evaluated the implementation of Local Agenda 21 in Nairobi, Kenya. My studies were completed at the Technical University of Delft and University Utrecht.

In the role as CRO, my drive lies in connecting stakeholders and knowledge about the city to contribute to a resilient The Hague. So many solutions for challenges we face already exist. Which is why The Hague became member of the 100 Resilient Cities network, to exchange knowledge and solutions with other cities. The Hague is a supporter of the 4TU Resilience Engineering Center. This center forms the bridge between excellent knowledge and research at the 4 TUs and connects it to the challenges that cities face. For example in the field of the failing of systems in our cities, effects of climate change, cyber-attacks, etc etc. Together with the 4TU Resilience Engineering Center, we look forward to work toward innovative, creative solutions to come to more resilient cities.