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Aernout van der Bend

I am managing director of Next Generation Infrastructures (NGinfra), the knowledge platform and cooperation of Dutch national network managers on roads, waterways (Rijkswaterstaat), railways (ProRail), energy supply (Alliander), drinking water supply (Vitens) and mainports (Port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport). We work, share and explore together to get to the Next Generation of Infrastructures. My experience lies within the fields of mobility, construction, infrastructure and my previous positions were public as well as private, policy as well as executive and both politic and civil serving.

I actively take part in the 4TU Resilience Engineering centre because I believe and proclaim that we can do more to serve society and create a better place to live, work and recreate in. Most important is to be more responsive and to create a more resilient environment to cope with change and unforeseen circumstances.

NGinfra offers to be the gateway to the practitioners needed to become resilient and NGinfra aims at the challenges we are facing from within the energy transition, urbanization and digitalization. The connection with the network of 4TU creates a wider understanding and cooperation between science and practice and that is where it really coincides.