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4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering is based on a broad view of Resilience Engineering. This view is not limited to engineering, but looks at the resilience of the full social-technical-environmental system. The DeSIRE programme builds the capacity for the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering and funds its activities in the first five years. As such DeSIRE serves as the founding core of the 4TU.RE Centre. 

DeSIRE provides a first essential impulse for integrating the existing expertise on resilience through joint events across 4TU, nationally and internationally. Part of the DeSIRE research programme are tenure trackers and postdocs, they are all part of different research groups, meaning that the work within the research programme is truly multidisciplinary. DeSIRE invests also in growing an international community of Resilience Fellows. Together we aim to establish and foster an international network of top-level academic scholars, engineers, practitioners and decision-makers. 

The research agenda of the 4TU.DeSIRE programme covers six thematic working groups. They represent the focus areas along which our community is concentrated and form the backbone of the broader 4TU.RE Center's research agenda. To really get a picture of what resilience is and how research delivers an impact, read our DeSIRE Research Stories. 

Last but not least, since the start in 2018 of the DeSIRE research and capacity building programme, we are proud to present our accomplishments and impact of research.