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Lily Frank

Eindhoven University of Technology
Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
Philosophy and Ethics
Assistant professor
Visiting address:
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TU/e Department Philosophy & Ethics
School Innovation Sciences
Dr. Lily E. Frank
Den Dolech 2
IPO 1.01
5612 AZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Book Chapters

In: Human Microbiome: Ethical, Legal and Social Concerns, Rhodes, Rosamond, Gligorov, Nada, and Schwab, Abraham. Oxford University Press, 2013.

Frank, Lily, et al. “The Human Microbiome: Science, History, and Research.”

Gligorov, Nada (first author), co-authors Frank, Lily, Schwab, Abraham P., and Trsuko, and Brett. “Privacy, Confidentiality and New Ways of Knowing More.”

Rhodes, Rosamond (first author), co-authors Blaser, Martin, Dauben, Joseph W., Frank, Lily, Moros, Daniel, and Philpott, Sean. “The Microbiome and Research Ethics.”


Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Co-author with: Mendis, Katherine and Cummins, Paul (first authors), “Curricular Interventions in a Medical Ethics Curriculum.” American Journal of Bioethics (Forthcoming)

Gligorov, Nada and Frank, Lily, (Co-editors and Introduction) “Charting Too Much or Too Little? The Impact of the Electronic Medical Record on the Doctor-Patient Relationship.” Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (Forthcoming)

Gligorov, Nada (first author), Frank, Lily, Sommers, Terry, Tobin, Ellen, Rhodes, Rosamond (last author). “Bridging the Gap between Knowledge and Skill: Integrating Standardized Patients into Bioethics Education,” The Hastings Center Report; Teaching Bioethics Special Report in collaboration with the President’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (Forthcoming)

Holzman, Ian and Frank, Lily. “Moral Distress and Physician Conscience” In: Cummings CL and Geis GM (Eds.), Ethics and Professionalism Curriculum for Neonatal-Perinatal Fellows. [Adobe Air application]. Boston (MA): OPENPediatrics™; 2014. (Forthcoming)

Frank, Lily. “Health, Health Care, and the Contraception Requirement,” American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine, Fall 2013.

Klincewicz, Michał and Frank, Lily. “Consciousness is More Complicated than That: Theoretical limitations of Interactive Capacity,” (Commentary) American Journal of Bioethics: Neuroscience, September 2013, 4:4, 38-39.

Frank, Lily. “Person-Centered Care, Autonomy, and the Definition of Health” (Commentary) American Journal of Bioethics, July 2013, 13:8, 59-61.

Frank, Lily and Favia, Amanda (co-first authors), et al., “A Model for the Assessment of Medical Students’ Competency in Medical Ethics,” American Journal of Bioethics: Primary Research, August 2013, 4:4, 68-83.

Schwab, Abraham, Gligorov, Nada, and Frank, Lily. “Saying Privacy, Meaning Confidentiality,” (Commentary) American Journal of Bioethics, November 2011, Volume 11, Issue 11, 2011, pages 44-45.

Rhodes, Rosamond (first author), Azzouni, Jody, Baumrin, Stefan Bernard, Benkov, Keith, Blaser, Martin J., Brenner, Barbara, Dauben, Joseph W., Earle, William J., Frank, Lily. et al. “De Minimis Risk: A Proposal for a New Category of Research Risk,” American Journal of Bioethics, November 2011, Volume 11, Issue 11, 2011, pages 1-7.