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Janna van Grunsven

Delft University of Technology
Values, Technology and Innovation
Ethics and Philosophy of Technology
Assistant professor
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Faculty of Technology
Policy and Management
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Aside from doing a minor in Jazz studies as an undergraduate, I have spent pretty much my entire adult life studying philosophy. I first obtained my BA and MA (cum laude) in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and then, with the support of a Fulbright scholarship, I obtained my Ph.D. in philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York. Before joining the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology section at TU Delft as a lecturer on a tenure track, I spent two years at Fordham University as a Post-doctoral teaching fellow.

In my work I explore the ethical implications of adopting an embodied, embedded, extended, and enactive approach to cognition. In addition to pursuing my research and teaching activities I am also the book editor for Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte.

In my research I bring insights from so-called 4E approaches to cognition to bear on questions and debates in ethics (where 4E stands for embodied, embedded, extended, and enactive). Most recently, I published an article on moral responsibility and enactive approaches to social interaction. I am currently working on a project on empathy and autism that also draws on 4E insights.

At TU Delft I am involved in teaching a number of courses including Ethics and Engineering, Introduction to Responsible Innovation, and Philosophy of Engineering Science and Design.