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Peculiarities (important!)

Every year there can be a number peculiarities regarding specific courses, the organization of the program as a whole, changing regulations, the COVID-19 situation, etc. Please see our Peculiarities subpage for more information!

Core courses

*) Nes-Delft and Ins-Twente overlap to such an extent that students cannot attend both.

+) LBS and SoS overlap to such an extent that students cannot attend both.

Technical electives

**) BCT-Twente and BCE-Delft overlap to such an extent that students cannot attend both.

Socio-technical electives

***) The three capstone courses are meant to be taken as one unit of 5 EC.

Final year project and local courses for MSC Computer Science



Local courses recommended as prerequisites


  • MaL: Basic Machine learning - Poel - UT:201600070 - Q1
  • DiS: Distributed Systems - van Steen - UT:192130112 - Q2
  • SyV: System Validation - Huisman - UT:192140122 - Q1


  • FDA: Fundamentals of Data Analytics - Fiebig - TUD:SEN1631 - Q3
  • DiA: Distributed Algorithms -¬†Epema - TUD:IN4150 - Q2 - 6 EC
  • SyV: System Validation - Keiren - TUD:IN4387 - Q1

Local courses with cyber security

It is also possible to sit local courses that include aspects of security, or that provide useful background knowledge for security, such as:


  • ClN: Cloud Networking - van den Berg - UT:201400177 - Q2
  • MWN: Mobile and Wireless Networking I - Heijenk - UT:192620010 - Q3


Delft and Twente impose a number of slightly different rules on the courses that students can select. To avoid problems, students are advised to agree with their program mentor on an individual study plan within the first two months of starting the program. (see study plan)