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4TU.CybSec Syllabus Secure Data Management (SDM)

Credits: 5EC

Prerequisites: Linear Algebra (201500292) and Security and Cryptography (201500027) 

Motivation: The importance of secure data management is growing due to open data networks such as the Internet combined with a wide variety of applications that handle large amounts of sensitive data. Nowadays we read in newspapers almost on a daily basis about data security and privacy issues. Classical data protection methods do no longer suffice and the security research community is increasingly working on new approaches towards to securely manage data on open networks such as the Internet. Security and privacy of data has thus become a cornerstone for the further development of the Internet and governments are increasingly sharpening the rules around protection of data. GDPR being an example of this.

Synopsis: The course looks into modern challenges and state-of-the-art solutions in the area of secure data management. On the one hand, it deals with security weaknesses in currently deployed access control techniques and explains their inappropriateness in the context of the above described emerging technologies. On the other hand, it introduces the most recent developments in access control that can be used to mitigate the shortcomings of classical technologies. Special focus is put on cryptographically-enforced data management tools, e.g., through attribute-based encryption or searchable encryption.

Learning objectives: The student will acquire:

Lecturers: Prof dr Willem Jonker (UT)

Examination: Written exam (70%) and two practical assignments (30%)


Core text: On-line Reader containing various papers from the literature