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4TU.CybSec Syllabus Final Year Project (FYP)

Credits: 45 EC in Delft, 30 EC in Twente

Pre-requisites: In principle all courses have to be completed before the student is allowed to start the final year project.

Motivation:  The final year project is an individual course unit that allows the student to experience the prosecution of a large project.

Synopsis: The student and his/her final year project supervisor agree on topic for the final year project. The final year project is normally the last activity of the Masters program. The final year project may be developed and implemented internally (within the university), it may also involve a commissioned assignment from a company or another higher education institution. Some projects are completed abroad.

Aim: The final project is a 'Masters test'. In completing the project, the student demonstrates that he/she merits the Master of Science qualification. While the substance of the assignment focuses on a specified field of study, it is assessed on the basis of a broad range of criteria.

Learning outcomes: The following factors are key in earning a satisfactory result for the graduation assignment:

Lecturers: All lecturers of the EWI faculty.

Examination: A written report and an oral presentation, examined by a committee chaired by the first supervisor.

Contents: Before work on the final year project starts, the following matters should have been agreed:

Formalities: Students in Delft should comply with the formalities listed here:

Students in Twente should comply with the formalities listed here: