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4TU.CybSec Research Topics (ReT)

Credits: 10EC

Motivation:  Research topics is an individual course unit for a student (or in exceptional cases for a small group of students).

Synopsis: The student and his/her final year project supervisor agree on topic for a final year project. Then the student writes a report where he/she researches the state of the art of the chosen the topic. The report concludes with a research proposal, which contains one or more research questions, a plan for the approach, and a plan for the validation of the results. The supervisor assesses the report, which completes the research topics. Normally the same supervisor will supervise the student while carrying out the research during the final year project.

Aim: Elaboration of the specialisation within the master, and further development of the student's research competencies.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the course the student is able to:

Lecturers: All computer science lecturers (UT)

Examination: A written report containing a review of the relevant literature (about 80%) and a research proposal for the final year project (about 20%).

Course description: Before work on the research topics starts, the following matters should have been be agreed:

Students normally work on the research topics during the third semester of their master studies.