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4TU.CybSec Syllabus Capstone CybSec Entrepreneurial skills (CpE)

Credits: 2.5 EC 

Capacity: The maximum number of participants 30. 4TU.CybSec students have priority.

Enrollment: please mail the lecturer to enrol. This couse can only be taken in combination with CpS and CpB.

Delivery: This course takes place in two online sessions and two off-site sessions, one session per month from Feb to May. The off-site sessions last about 5 hours. Students will be able to start travelling after 9:00 on the outbound journey and after 18:30 on the return journey to save 40% on the railway fare.

Motivation:  New technology developments in IT and computer sciences have provided momentum for a wide range of applications which are increasingly embedded in the devices and applications we use in our daily lives. While the opportunities for new products, applications and new business are large, the challenge with regards to security are also increasing. These challenges, in turn, do also provide cyber security entrepreneurs the possibilities to address them with new services and product solutions.

Synopsis: In this course we will investigate the way in which entrepreneurs in cyber security develop new services and products. We will investigate and get a deeper understanding of the personal attitude that characterizes technology-based entrepreneurs and how they developed their value proposition based on customer needs and technology progress.

Aim: To give students a good understanding of the entrepreneurial skills of Cyber Security.

Learning outcomes:  After completing this course you have a firm understanding of:

Lecturer: Dr. Zeki Erkin (TUD), Dr. Victor Scholten (TUD), Dr. Hanieh Khodaei (TUD)

Examination: 100% by coursework.  

Contents:  This course examines the various aspects of entrepreneurial activity within the context of cyber security. The focus is on acquiring the skills to identify new business opportunities and how to convert these into viable business plans. We will apply the learned knowledge for development of a new product or business concept and systematically explore and create ideas or modify existing ideas and technology for business solutions. Besides the development of a valuable business opportunity, we will emphasize the proactive orientation that entrepreneurship requires including the decision-making style and leadership competencies. In doing so, you will learn to work in multi-disciplinary teams, and reflect upon ethical and team process issues. Main elements to be discussed are:

Course organization and teaching methods: The entrepreneurial skills follows an experiential learning approach. It contains of a mixture of theory-based lessons and evidence-based learning from entrepreneurs. The course ends with a reflection by the student to elaborate on what new insights that are gained through the combination of theory and interviews with entrepreneurs in the sector of cybersecurity.

Course structure: The course has elements of online lectures, in-class interactive discussion sessions, guest lectures, interviewing entrepreneurs and presenting key findings.