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Most courses are offered to all students via tele-lecturing from room Carré 3C in Twente and room HB01 Chip in Delft.

Peculiarities (important!)

Every year there can be a number peculiarities regarding specific courses, the organization of the program as a whole, changing regulations, the COVID-19 situation, etc. Please see our Peculiarities subpage for more information!

The courses are scheduled as shown below [Abbreviation: Title - Lecturer(s) - Course codes]. Courses taught from Delft list the TUD course code first; courses taught from Twente list the UT course code first. For detailed scheduling information please consult the time tables in Delft and Twente.

First Quarter (lectures in weeks 36 .. 43, exams in weeks 44 & 45)

Second Quarter (lectures in weeks 46 .. 51, 2 & 3, exams in weeks 4 & 5)

Third Quarter (lectures in weeks 7 .. 14, exams in weeks 15 & 16, vacation in week 6 and not in week 8)

Fourth Quarter (lectures in weeks 17 .. 25, exams in weeks 26 & 27, resits in week 33 and not in week 30)

Scheduled in agreement with the lecturer

*) No tele-lecturing, travel may be required

**) Semester course, which starts in the quarter indicated but ends in the following quarter

***) Not tele-lectured, but video recorded. Travel is not required.

Delft-only) This course is only available to TU Delft students at this moment; we are working on its inclusion in the Twente curriculum for academic year 2022-2023