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Study Plan


The following specific rules apply, in addition to, or as a refinement of, the standard rules that apply to every computer science master student.

In Q1 the student agrees on a study plan with the program mentor: Kaitai Liang in Delft, Florian Hahn in Twente; if you are an EIT student please check here.

If necessary, the study plan can be revised later, in consultation with the program mentor.


Students must select:


Students must select:

Choosing technical courses

It may be helpful to consider the following classifications of the technical courses:


Please choose introductory as well as advanced courses, and make sure that you include the prerequisites for all courses that you select.


Please choose at least an introductory course from each of the four technical focus areas so that you have solid basis, and feel free to deepen your knowledge in a specific focus area.


Please be aware that some courses overlap.

4TU.CybSec Certificate

Computer science master students who take at least 80 EC cyber security related credits for courses and the final year project will be considered as cyber security professionals and they will receive an appropriate certificate to testify to this accomplishment.

Study plan forms

4TU.CybSec master students can download and complete an individual study plan form from Twente or from Delft. EIT-Digital students in Twente can download an individual studyplan form for the Entry year or the Exit year.

Once completed please discuss your study plan with the program mentor.