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Project introduction and background information

Blended and online learning offer students the flexibility of time and space to study. Therefore, to reap the benefits of such autonomous learning environments, students need to be capable of managing their study time and employ effective study strategies. However, research has demonstrated that many students are using study strategies that are not as effective (e.g., rereading) and their study schedules are mostly driven by deadlines. Academic success is also strongly related to the use of study strategies and the extent to which students self-regulate their learning. As a consequence, it is important to examine the study strategies that students employ and to provide students with support that will optimise their study time. 

Objective and expected outcomes

The study aims to examine whether students use effective study strategies and whether the use of effective study strategies is associated with students’ learning performance and self-efficacy in Math.

Outcomes or Deliverables

By identifying the study strategies students are using and how well students are using these study strategies, we could offer students targeted support to equip them with the awareness and knowledge of effective study strategies. Instructional support to enhance learning performance can also be added to the current learning materials to support the use of effective study strategies. For example, providing opportunities to practice recall when watching video lectures.

Results and learnings

The study is to be conducted in Q1 of the academic year 2020-2021.