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Project introduction and background information

In the Programme of Innovation in Mathematics Education (PRIME) research is done into the methods used in the education that has been developed. It involves cross-sectional research design in Q2 of the first year bachelor calculus course of computer science. Questionnaires are used to measure student perceptions of teacher support, basic psychological needs, satisfaction and motivation. Drop-out and performance information is collected after the course.

Objective and expected outcomes

Recent research showed gender differences in student perceptions of teacher support. The present study aims to investigate these gender differences and their possible consequences for basic psychological needs, motivation, academic performance, and drop-outs. Gender differences in and the relationships between the above variables will be investigated.

We expect to find gender differences in basic psychological needs, satisfaction and motivation. Furthermore, we expect motivation to be positively related to academic performance and negatively related to drop-outs. Follow-up research could investigate the effectiveness of interventions in improving motivation and reducing possible gender differences.

Results and learnings

Data analysis is currently in progress. Initial results and conclusion will be shared in the fall of 2020.