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29 Oct 2020
Recipe for tomorrow's engineer
The world is changing rapidly. Technology plays a crucial role in this, from IT to surgical robots and from precision medicine to ‘smart’ agriculture. Nobody knows which innovations will be needed to keep solving the world’s increasingly complex challenges. How do you train engineers for this? How do you promote specialisation and expansion, without overburdening both students and faculty? Student Lieke Pullen and an education professor and chair of 4TU.CEE Perry den Brok provide their views on these questions. This interview is part of the 4TU.techtalks series.
22 Sep 2020
Series of blogs on SEFI2020
The SEFI2020 conference has come to an end. This year's theme was 'Engaging Engineering Education' and all about engaging young people to embark on an engineering career in this rapidly changing society. Did you not get the chance to join?
16 Sep 2020
How can we make peer feedback more effective?
The use of peer feedback can increase student ownership and learning. However, peer feedback is not always as successful as we want it to be.
16 Sep 2020
Successful start of Joint Interdisciplinary Project at TU Delft
The Joint Interdisciplinary Project in which 151 students work in student teams on company cases has successfully started in the 1st week of September. In this 10 week course TU Delft Master students will work on 31 company cases in the Clusters Aero
15 Sep 2020
Corona transition and student learning at TU Eindhoven
As in other universities, the corona transition at TU Eindhoven led to an abrupt and very fundamental change in the form of teaching and student learning. All interaction has shifted to online.
14 Sep 2020
International study on engineering education in Corona times
Apart from evaluation studies at our own Technical Universities, 4TU.CEE engages in an international study on engineering education in corona times with university partners from different continents.
14 Sep 2020
New TU Delft 4TU.CEE management team wants to actively engage you!
“We like to actively engage the TU Delft community and are ready to support teachers who would like to innovate and/or research their education. We welcome interaction on project ideas and invite you to participate in inspiring events to exchange ideas and upgrade your skills and knowledge on topics such as interdisciplinarity, entrepreneurial learning, innovative learning spaces. And last, but not least we will work closely with our 4TU.CEE colleagues in Wageningen, Eindhoven and Enschede to jointly innovate engineering education for tomorrow’s engineer. Our (e-mail) doors are wide open.”
14 Sep 2020
Personnel changes in 4TU.CEE board and advisory board
In the 4TU.CEE board, some personnel changes have occurred.
8 Sep 2020
Article on interdisciplinarity in journal of Science Communication
A comment of Renate Klaassen of 4TU.CEE Delft on ‘Disentangling the different layers of interdisciplinarity’ was included in a special issue of the Journal of Science Communication.