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18 Nov 2020
TU Delft 4TU.CEE project portfolio is available
The project portfolio shows the variety of themes and topics that the Delft pillar of 4TU.CEE has addressed over the last years presents the most important project results and progress for both educational innovation and education research projects.
13 Nov 2020
Supporting cross-cultural university education
Student immersion into different cultures might facilitate the development of intercultural competence within “the international classroom”. However, the competencies and support of teaching staff are also essential for optimising this process.
12 Nov 2020
Teachers play important role in facilitating multicultural group work
To understand the challenges and gains, and to identify the variables/processes that facilitate/hinder students’ multicultural group work at TU/e, postdoc Cui Ping is researching multicultural student group work in an international classroom.
6 Nov 2020
Find inspiration for educational innovation on the new 4TU.CEE Innovation map
Are you looking for handy tools or valuable research to improve your teaching? Then visit the renewed 4TU.CEE Innovation map.
29 Oct 2020
Recipe for tomorrow's engineer
The world is changing rapidly. Technology plays a crucial role in this, from IT to surgical robots and from precision medicine to ‘smart’ agriculture. Nobody knows which innovations will be needed to keep solving the world’s increasingly complex challenges. How do you train engineers for this? How do you promote specialisation and expansion, without overburdening both students and faculty? Student Lieke Pullen and an education professor and chair of 4TU.CEE Perry den Brok provide their views on these questions. This interview is part of the 4TU.techtalks series.
22 Oct 2020
Improving education at TU Eindhoven
Innovators at TU/e gained valuable insights and new project ideas at a workshop that discussed research perspectives on CBL, the ICT-driven engineer and ownership in engineering education.
14 Oct 2020
Experiences during the pandemic in teaching and learning for (post) COVID-19 times
A paper about experiences during the pandemic in teaching and learning urban design and planning for (post) COVID-19 times.
22 Sep 2020
Flashback, Keynotes and Papers SEFI2020 ‘Engaging Engineering Education’
Co-organisor 4TU.CEE looks back on a successful online SEFI2020 conference. This year's theme was 'Engaging Engineering Education' and all about engaging young people to embark on an engineering career in this rapidly changing society.
16 Sep 2020
How can we make peer feedback more effective?
The use of peer feedback can increase student ownership and learning. However, peer feedback is not always as successful as we want it to be.