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Isabelle Reymen
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Innovations of Isabelle Reymen I.M.M.J. (Isabelle) Reymen
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Blended learning in Technology Entrepreneurship
Course LevelIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 27/07/2016
Modified: 15/10/2020
The Technology Entrepreneurship master course (1ZM2O, 1MG2O, 1ZSO1, 1ZSO2) is one of the largest master courses of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, with 313 students in 2014-2015, from 6 different master programs TU/e wide.
Blended learning & virtual labs
Active learning & large groups
Innovation space - Intelligent Lighting
Course LevelIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 16/03/2018
Modified: 15/10/2020
The nature of innovation has changes drastically in the last 150 years. Many technological breakthroughs in science and technology in 19th and beginning of the 20th century have been accomplished by individuals. Nowadays, multi-disciplinary teams work together on innovations. The TU/e follows this train of thought and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration in education. We believe this approa…
Interdisciplinary education
Preparing engineering students for tomorrows challenges
Course LevelBScMScEvidence BasedEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 28/06/2021
Modified: 29/06/2021
Examining design characteristics that make CBL challenges work and what should be done to support interdisciplinarity in innovation space education.
Interdisciplinary education
TU/e Education for Sustainability: Strategy and Implementation
Curriculum LevelBScMScToolIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 16/06/2021
Modified: 29/06/2021
The overall project aims to co-create and implement an improved embedding of Education for Sustainability for all TU/e students. The present project deals with initiation phase and the strategy development phase.
Future engineering skills
Interdisciplinary education