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Project introduction and background information

Three proposing organisations of TUe (innovation Space, the GO Green Office and Technology for Global Development)  agree that an educational offer focused on a sustainable future should have a greater presence and prevalence at TU/e.

There should be a concrete and targeted strategic plan to increase the students’ opportunities to acquire a systemic thinking regarding sustainability in all engineering fields and to experience its practical application and impact in real-life projects.

A three year project was defined. The present project covers the first year.

Objective and expected outcomes

Initiation Phase

Establishing a competence framework

  • Overview of (scientific) literature on available, state of the art frameworks
  • Benchmarking report of frameworks used by peer institutions
  • Motivated choice of framework to be used

Present Position

  • Evaluation report of position of TU/e versus the chosen framework


  • Evaluation report of position of peer institutions versus the chosen framework


  • Co-creation sessions with students and staf
  •  A compact shared vision of where TU/e wants to stand

 Strategy Development Phase Work Packages

Key Elements definition

  • Knowledge and competences our students will need at the different levels
  •  Overview of key elements for future education; including priority.

Co-create key elements.

  • Detailed content and implementation plan for all elements
  • Developed pilots, ready to be executed

Development plan second year

  • Plan for second year; including project structure, required resources etc.