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Zes voorstellen ingediend voor subsidie HTSF-2021-call

donderdag, 24 maart 2022

De 4TU.Federatie heeft zes voorstellen ontvangen die in aanmerking komen voor subsidie uit de HTSF-2021-call. De zes ingediende voorstellen zijn gebaseerd op vijftien Expressions of Interest, die afgelopen oktober zijn ingediend en zijn verdeeld over de drie thema's: built environment, health care and food systems. Afhankelijk van de omvang van de programma's kunnen 3 tot 5 programma's worden gefinancierd.

Text only available in English:

The proposals have been sent to the HTSF-assessment committee, who will assess all eligible proposals, for all three themes. The assessment committee is formed by a professor of each of the four Dutch universities of technology and an independent chair from another university.

The assessment committee will rank all proposals, based on the selection criteria; i.e. one ranking list for all proposals; not split per theme. This ranking will serve as advise to the board of 4TU.Research who will decide which proposals will be funded. The board of 4TU.Research is formed by the four rectors of the 4TU.Federation. This decision is expected in the second half of May 2022.

HTSF-2021 themes

  1. Materials and high-tech sensing technologies for the ageing built environment | This theme is centred around the question: How can we repurpose, renovate and improve infrastructure in the ageing built environment in a sustainable way with (circular) materials and high-tech sensing technologies?
  2. Low-cost sensing technologies for health | This theme is centred around the question: Which low-cost high-tech solutions can help to sustain our health care systems responsibly and be adopted in society?
  3. Sociotechnical approaches towards data-driven sustainable food systems | This theme is centred around the question: Taking into account cultural contexts and human behaviour, how can we accelerate data-driven sustainable food systems?

High Tech for a Sustainable Future

The High Tech for a Sustainable Future 2021-call aims to stimulate structural and sustainable theme-oriented collaboration between the 4TU’s that delivers societal impact through scientific breakthroughs. The call is part of the HTSF programme; a thematic capacity building programme aimed at attracting new scientific talent for the four TU's and finding answers to societal challenges. More information