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20 Feb 2013
3TU visits KTH Stockholm
Both 3TU and KTH are very active in the Knowledge Innovation Communities (KIC’s) and we discussed how we could simplify the organization of the KIC’s and the benefits they can bring to our professors. In the second wave expected for 2014 KTH en 3TU, through Medical Delta, are part of the same consortium. On strengthening the relation with industry and society KTH was inspired by the PDEng degree that 3TU offers through the Stan Ackermans Institute and is currently implementing a similar degree. Furthermore collaboration on engineering education was discussed.
11 Jan 2013
3TU informs Kamp on research funding
The meeting was scheduled because of the technical universities’ concerns about the extent, quality and international position of fundamental technological research in the Netherlands. The universities indicated that funding for research is under pressure. According to the 3TU.Federation this is largely due to declining expenditure by companies and the loss of subsidies. Furthermore, preparatory activities for the transition to the top sector policy and, at European level, the run-up to the Horizon 2020 programme are taking up more time, as a result of which new resources only become available at a later stage. The 3TU.Federation believes it important that the related decline of young researchers will not degenerate into fewer incentives and less attraction for top scientific potentials. In view of its significance for future economic activity, the opportunities available for ensuring the continuing quality of this type of research were discussed with Minister Kamp.