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1 Dec 2015
How to reward teaching excellence?
Many universities are struggling with the issue how to balance research and education in career paths. Partly this is caused by a strong focus on research. The lack of good measures for educational achievements is also a reason why education efforts are not valued as much. A snapshot with a needs analysis of the University of Twente was presented based on a number of interviews. Besides a similar pattern of the present situation, there were also clear expectations that change would come. Options to move forward were then presented and discussed. Ruth Graham developed a template for the Royal Academy of Engineering using international examples and literature. The 4-level model for the educational careerside was received well, in particular because measures were included. Starting an Academy for Teaching & Learning like the University of Lund is another option that will be investigated. Ed Brinksma (rector magnificus) concluded that we now have tools to make the next steps in rewarding teaching. 
26 Nov 2015
Inspiring workshops and lecture of Eric Mazur
Eric Mazur inspired lecturers on the subject of team based learning and assessment on 25 November at Twente University. The workshops were fully booked and the lecture was also made widely available by streaming. The lecture can be seen here. Mazur visited 3TU.CEE as part of his Tour de Mazur.
20 Nov 2015
Inspiring education day at University of Twente
The education day at University of Twente focussed on the theme 'student engagement'. On the day, that took place on the 3rd of November, a variety of plenary talks and interactive workshops inspired around 120 participants.
15 Oct 2015
3TU.CEE hosts CDIO European Regional Meeting 2016
On 25 & 26 January 2016, the European Regional Meeting of CDIO will be hosted by 3TU.CEE. The theme of this Meeting is “Inventing Tomorrow’s Engineering Education”. During the meeting you can learn about new trends and share best practices of curricular change in Europe.
9 Oct 2015
Blog TU/e Innovation Day 2015
Op een prachtige nazomerdag vond op 1 oktober de Innovation Day van het 3TU Centre for Engineering Education plaats op de campus van de TU Eindhoven. De vlag die bij de entree van het Auditorium in de zon wapperde met de tekst 'Where innovation starts’ verwoordt de boodschap treffend. En de geanimeerde gesprekken bij de twintig posterpresentaties zorgden voor een energieke entree.
5 Oct 2015
First TU/e Innovation Day Successful
An Innovation Market with over 20 educational innovations, an inspiring keynote by Marc de Vries, three workshops and almost 100 engaged participants. This were the key ingredients for the first TU/e Innovation Day, organised by the TU/e and 3TU.CEE on 1 October 2015.
14 Sep 2015
3TU.CEE presented 5 papers at SEFI conference
During the annual SEFI conference 2015 in Orleans, five papers from 3TU.CEE were presented. The papers are currently available on our website.
14 Sep 2015
Comparing Bachelor Curriculum Innovations – Phase II
“If you want to do something complex, you need to keep it simple!”
14 Sep 2015
Investigating Interdisciplinary Engineering Education
The 3TU.CEE-project 'Investigating Interdisciplinary Engineering Education' looks into the current state of affairs around interdisciplinarity at the three universities of technology. Interdisciplinary engineering education is currently seen as a fruitful way to prepare contemporary students to become engineers of the future. The first question that immediately comes to mind is about the definition of 'interdisciplinary'. And also, how does interdisciplinary relate to notions of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary?