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20 Jan 2017
4TU.CEE strategic plan 2017-2019 approved
The 4TU.CEE strategic plan 2017-2019 has been approved by the 4TU Education Board last week. The strategic plan describes the topics and projects that 4TU.CEE will be working on in the period that lies ahead. We are eager to continue our efforts in innovating engineering education at our four universities together with lecturers, researchers and support staff. Jan van der Veen, chairman of 4TU.CEE:ā€I am pleased to welcome our Wageningen colleagues in the 4TU.CEE network organisation. WUR has an excellent track record when it comes to quality educationā€.
19 Jan 2017
Horizon 4TU.CEE extended till 2021
We are pleased to announce that the 4TU Education board has extended the 4TU.CEE institute till at least the end of 2021. Anka Mulder, Vice-President for Education & Operations at TU Delft on behalf of the board: ā€œDuring the past two years 4TU.CEE has developed into a respected and visible Centre for Engineering Education while stressing the importance of involving our teaching staff in our endeavoursā€. 4TU.CEE is valued by many teachers, support staff and educational management. Not only in our own universities, but also by international colleagues and university network organisations such as SEFI and CDIO.
18 Jan 2017
4TU.CEE initiates weblog
4TU.CEE has started a monthly weblog. The 4TU.CEE leaders of our four universities of technology will alternately post a blog. The weblog informs interested followers of developments in education and society that are of importance to the future of engineering education.
21 Dec 2016
Call for abstracts: Architecture & the Built Environment Design Education
Lecturers and researchers in the field of architecture and the built environment are invited to contribute to two scientific publications on the latest developments in architecture and the built environment (A&BE) design education.
17 Nov 2016
TU Delft lecturer Stefan van de Geer about ‘audio feedback’
ā€˜Imagine the following: I have a microphone on my desk, open the first student report and the standard Windows Sound Recorder to create an audio file. First I quickly go through the report to make some general remarks about the structure. Then I go through the report, page by page, and record immediate verbal feedback on everything I read, stating page numbers.ā€™
13 Oct 2016
Learning from best practices at the Innovation Day TU/e
At the Innovation Day at TU/e some 100 lecturers and educational staff got acquainted with innovative tools to enhance their teaching practices. In workshops they learned more about implementing Interdisciplinary Education or Gamification in education and about the way students learn.
13 Oct 2016
Lessons in effective teaching received enthusiastically
Is it possible for lecturers to save time and simultaneously increase interaction with students? Yes, it is, according to Kristina Edstrƶm and Jakob Kuttenkeuler, lecturers of KTH Stockholm. In the first week of October 4TU.CEE invited them to speak about their approach on effective teaching at TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and University of Twente, during the teaching trick tour. The tricks were received enthusiastically by the audienceĀ of lecturers and educational support staff and were tested in a workshop.
13 Oct 2016
Renewed Innovation Map online
We are proud to inform you that as of today the renewed Innovation Map is online.Ā  The new Innovation map makes it easier for lecturers and education support staff to find tools, tips & tricks and background information on innovations in engineering education.Ā 4TU.CEE disclosed examples of successful innovations in the Innovation Map.Ā Topics you will find information on are for example: interdisciplinary engineering education, blended learning and virtual labs, future engineering skills, dealing with the diversity of engineering students and assessment for learning.
12 Oct 2016
UT lecturers examine their own education
Lecturers from the University of Twente will examine their own education during a period of over a year. It concerns a pilot project in which sixteen lecturers will participate. The project is initiated by Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT), HR and 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education (4TU.CEE).
12 Oct 2016
UTwente Education Day 2016: The student of the future
Who would have thought fifty years ago we could order our groceries online, depend on our smartphones whether to take an umbrella or talk to and see our relatives on the other side of the world? Imagine what will be possible fifty years from now! Our world is moving fast and asks for people who are flexible and who are able to develop and learn new things fast. Itā€™s our challenge to educate this future generation. On Thursday 27 October we will focus on this topic during the Education Day that will take place from 12.30-17.00 hours in de Waaier.
10 Oct 2016
4TU.CEE activities at SEFI 2016: an impression
Mid September the SEFI 2016 Annual conference brought together more than 300 participants from over 30 countries. 4TU.CEE was well represented at the event, with main theme: ā€œEngineering Education on Top of the World: Industry University Cooperation".
12 Sep 2016
Universities should be more closely related to society
Recently Aldert Kamp, Director of Education at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft, published the second revised edition of his vision on engineering education of the future. With this vision Kamp wants to call higher management to dare look beyond their disciplines, at the ever faster changing outside world. He found that the changes in education curricula do not keep up with the changing needs of the labour market of the 21st century. Kamp: ā€Our students are internationally well known for their specialist knowledge, their ability to cooperate and their open mind. Young engineers however often lack skills such as creative thinking, systems thinking, entrepreneurial thinking and algorithmic thinking. In the profession of engineer these skills gain importance quickly. This makes that engineers are not optimally prepared for their future job and might encounter problems adjusting to fast changes by lifelong learningā€. In the vision document ā€˜Engineering Education in a rapidly changing worldā€™ Kamp discusses which changes should take place in preparing the engineer of the future after doing profound research. He states that future-proof academic engineering programmes would have to be built on three cornerstones: Innovation, Employability and Community.
1 Sep 2016
4TU.CEE well represented at SEFI conference
4TU.CEE will be organising several activities at the SEFI conference at Turku in Finland which will take place from 12 till 15 September 2016. Aldert Kamp (TU Delft & 4TU.CEE) will present a Keynote speech on the ā€˜Future Engineerā€™. A round table on supporting and rewarding teaching excellence is organised and a workshop on ā€˜Innovating Engineering Educationā€™.Ā Ā 
16 Jun 2016
Carpenter and Gerhart workshop inspires education staff
In June Donald Carpenter and Andrew Gerhart visited the universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente to inspire teaching staff and support staff with workshops on the entrepreneurial thinking mind set and active class room techniques. Carpenter and Gerhart both lecture at Lawrence Technological University (Detroit) where they aim to bring entrepreneurial thinking and creative problem solving into the engineering curriculum.
15 Jun 2016
Pilot digital testing
Electrical Engineering students at the University of Twente performed a "double examination" on 10 June. Their paper based answers will be compared with digital answers. This pilot explores the potential of digital testing, evaluating the scoring quality as well as security issues. Students are involved in the security analysis of Ā both technical issues and use scenarios. More pilots on the edge of mathematics and engineering will take place as a result of collaboration between 4TU.AMI (mathematics) and the Centre for Engineering Education.Ā