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Project introduction and background information

The aim of the project is to investigate how students collaborate over distance with mobile technology, where in this case mobile technology entails iPads and Pencils. This distance-collaboration setup allows students to communicate  by using symbolism or drawings, which would not be possible with a regular laptop, which could benefit learning in mathematics or physics. Also, this setup allows students to collaborate in a lab, as one student's lab work can be streamed to the collaborating students, this way enabling them to participate in and to support the lab work. 

Objective and expected outcomes

The objective of the project is to describe students' strategies for engaging in challenging problems in the above-described distance-collaboration setup. These strategies will allow to formulate principles for how to support students' distance collaboration with mobile technology. 

Results and learnings

The exploratory study is underway. 


The exploratory study is underway. 

Practical outcomes

As a tentative practical outcome, we found that distance collaboration with mobile technology does not hinder learning.