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Objective and expected outcomes

The BASIC project aimed to guide and stimulate student learning between contact hours, in particular between lecture and tutorial, in order to help a student digest the new learning material offered during the lecture and better prepare for the tutorial contact hours. The goal was to strengthen a student’s self-study and raise the productivity during tutorial time, for the student as well as for the instructor.

This is achieved by offering an on-line “wrap-up with test and advice” (WTA). In a way, WTA gives a scent of blended learning to an otherwise established course format.

Results and learnings

During this project, the teachers experimented with different technologies and gained experience in designing the clips. You start with the learning outcomes, make slides, make a script and then do the recording. Fluency in making the clips is needed, for it to be effective. 

Outcomes of the project

  • Experimented with technology
  • Gained experience designing clips


  1. Start from learning objectives
  2. Make slides
  3. Make script
  4. Do the recording
  • Picking up practice of multiple-choice questions
  • Need for clip making fluency