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Project introduction and background information

This project focusses on a laboratory training program that allows us to teach students in an organized and efficient manner the basis (lab) skills to perform their thesis project and a series of instruction videos that are used by MSc students as well as by PhD students (see attached Excel-file for the web links to the videos).

Results and learnings

We have made a laboratory training program for students that includes a series of instruction videos on basic lab procedures and cell culture. We have applied this laboratory training program for a large group of MSc thesis students that started their project in September 2015. We have made an update of the program for the even larger group of MSc thesis students in September 2016. The instruction videos will be used again, but some content of the program will be changed. In September 2017, new videos on the use of HPLC/UPLC-UV / LC-MS will be added. The instruction videos can be accessed by everybody that has access to the multimedia drive of the WUR. Web links to these movies can be found in the excel file.

Videos are used to teach lab techniques to students. The students can watch these videos whenever they want. Relatively little time of technicians is required to train the students the practical skills. This enables us to train large number of thesis students at the same time.


Check your scripts very carefully before shooting instruction videos.

Practical outcomes

See attached Excel-file for the web links to the videos at the downloads on the right.