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Project introduction and background information

From 2018 on, Wageningen University organized extracurricular Challenges for Student Teams like the Urban Greenhouse Challenge and ReThink Protein Challenge. With these challenges, Wageningen university aims to contribute to talent development by expanding the WUR education ecosystem. They also aim to stimulate innovation, preparing students to work on contemporary (wicked) issues and fill the gap between education and start-ups or business in general. In addition to these challenges, other initiatives connecting with challenge-based learning, such as the Food 4 Health and Safety Challenge are present at the learning environment of Wageningen University.

Objective and expected outcomes

Within this project we aim to define extracurricular challenge-based learning at Wageningen University. In addition, we are interested in which students engage in these extracurricular challenges and what motivates them to do so. We will dive into the outcomes for students on short and long term. We are also interested in students who do not engage in these challenges and their motives, in order to connect with their needs in future challenges as well. With regard to learning processes outcomes of students, we will try to find out if, and how these can and should be made visible without interfering in the flexible and open character of challenge-based learning. Finally, our research will focus on the value for Wageningen University of organizing these extracurricular challenges, finding a balance between curricular activities, and the degree to which they can be scaled up.