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Judith Gulikers
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Innovations of Judith Gulikers

dr. JTM (Judith) Gulikers
Boundary Crossing @ WUR
Course LevelCurriculum LevelAbove curriculumIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 10/03/2020
Modified: 09/02/2024
BC competence is a key competence to respond to emerging global challenges, and is at the forefront of the educational vision of Wageningen University.
Dealing with diversity
Interdisciplinary education
Challenge-Based Learning in Wageningen University & Research (CBL@WUR)
BScMScPhDInformative without practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 18/06/2020
Modified: 05/07/2022
This project focuses on defining what challenge-based learning at WUR means.
Challenge based learning
Interdisciplinary education
Pedagogical Development programmes in Higher Education. What works for whom and under which circumstances?
Above curriculumArticle (research paper)Wageningen University & Research
Created: 30/11/2020
Modified: 14/08/2023
This PhD research aims to gain more insight into the relationship between characteristics of Pedagogical Development Programs and university teachers learning outcomes.
Dealing with diversity
ICT enhanced engineering education
Teaching Excellence
Skills learning trajectories
Curriculum LevelBScEvidence BasedIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 10/07/2020
Modified: 14/03/2022
This project evaluates the design and implementation of skills learning trajectoriesof 7 bachelor programmes at Wageningen University. Perspectives of different stakeholders are taken into account. Including recommendations for implementating skills learning trajectories