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Project introduction and background information

Currently, quite a number of students in TU/e’s bachelor (and master) take up a societal challenge resulting in activities and projects related to their studies. It often starts by putting together a (multidisciplinary) team of students, some recognized and supported by CvB as students’ team, some aiming on a one-time challenge. Almost all teams are highly motivated to develop innovative science-based solutions to real-world challenges -in collaboration with staff, businesses and other organizations around us (TU/e, 2017).

The importance of such activities for developing socials skills is recognized by all stakeholders (university, faculty boards, and employers) and it creates wide international exposure. Also, as challenge based projects involve the society, CBL is a way to connect society and faculty. And last, but not least, the students’ results can be regarded as one of the best examples of valorisation.

However, students are in most cases NOT rewarded for these activities in their curriculum by means of individual credits.

To fill in this gap, this initiative is to develop a new TU/e course: Challenge based learning@TU/e.

Objective and expected outcomes

This proposal consists of three main themes: (1) examining Challenge Based Learning (CBL) in order to explore and design the outlines for a course, to rewards students for skills achieved in extra-curricular activities, (2) describing adequate learning goals and practical criteria to be able to make this distinction between the soft skills that deserving recognition and most other student activities that don’t fit in this scope, and (3) discuss the findings of CBL and the concept of the course with Bachelor College and with Examination Committees of different Departments. And if evaluated positively, set up a plan for developing a course for this.