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Marie-Jose Verkroost
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Innovations of Marie-Jose Verkroost

dr. M.J. (Marie-Jose) Verkroost
Dealing with internationalisation: Toolbox for Lecturers
Curriculum LevelToolIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of TechnologyUniversity of TwenteWageningen University & Research
Created: 06/02/2020
Modified: 15/10/2020
Current and future students will work in a rapidly changing world that differs significantly from the present situation. Teaching staff are confronted with new challenges, because the competence for teaching in the international classroom is not something that comes automatically. Likewise, intercultural competence is not automatically developed just by teaching in an international environment. I…
Dealing with diversity
Interdisciplinary education
Teaching Excellence
Living textbook to intensify deeper learning
Curriculum LevelToolInformative without practical outcomeUniversity of Twente
Created: 17/11/2017
Modified: 28/09/2020
Marie-José Verkroost, Rob Lemmens and other colleagues of Faculty ITC (Geo-information Science and Earth Observation) of the University of Twente started a project to create a Living Textbook.
ICT enhanced engineering education
The Senior University Teaching Qualification (SUTQ): Engaging in research, design and building community in engineering education
University of Twente
Created: 21/05/2021
Modified: 07/12/2021
For a high standard of educational quality and success rates, teaching quality is key. The Senior University Teaching Qualification (SUTQ) is focused on a scholarly approach of teaching and learning in which teachers are regarded as researcher and designer of their own educational practice, to collaboratively innovate and improve teaching.
Interdisciplinary education
Teaching Excellence