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Ruurd Taconis
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Innovations of Ruurd Taconis

dr. R. (Ruurd) Taconis
Challenge Based Tasks For Fundamental Knowledge
Curriculum LevelInformative without practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 07/07/2019
Modified: 07/03/2021
This project will address the issue of knowledge acquisition in challenge based learning in a practical way. The aim is to inspire and support teachers/projects creating challenge based learning that also want their students to acquire theoretical integrated knowledge and understanding.
Interdisciplinary education
Blended learning & virtual labs
Active learning & large groups
Effective learning and student-team collaboration in the international classroom at TU/e
Course LevelBScMScArticle (research paper)Informative without practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 30/06/2020
Modified: 04/05/2021
The project aims to provide an in-depth insight into factors/processes that help or hamper the success of student-teams in the international classroom, resulting in best practices.
Dealing with diversity
Stimulating students to ask feedback
Course LevelBScToolIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 11/08/2016
Modified: 19/10/2020
The Bachelor College at TU-Eindhoven provides a very structured and compelling learning environment. This is advantageous for freshmen and for students that normally would have a hard time structuring their learning process. Bachelor College, however, prepares students to become professional engineers in the TU/e graduate school. This requires active self-sustained learning. Modern engineers shou…
Education excellence & coaching