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Marieke Thurlings
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Innovations of Marieke Thurlings

Dr. M.C.G. (Marieke) Thurlings
Improving students' writing skills through effective small-group peer feedback
Course LevelInformative without practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 27/07/2016
Modified: 28/09/2020
The Electrical Engineering (EE) department is seriously determined to optimize students’ academic writing performance both at undergraduate and graduate level. Within the department there is special interest to work on new educational methods that can allow effective supervision by researching options to organize feedback. These methods will be researched in order to identify the most suitable o…
Blended learning & virtual labs
Education excellence & coaching
Organizing and providing effective feedback to students
Course LevelCurriculum LevelEvidence BasedToolIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 11/08/2016
Modified: 15/10/2020
Nowadays, teachers in higher education more and more encounter larger groups of students which are more diverse. Simultaneously the goal of education is shifting towards preparing students for life-long learning. Teachers might need to shift their teaching style from a more teacher-centered style to a more student-centered style. In student-centered teaching styles the teacher often has a more co…
Education excellence & coaching
Teaching strategies and differentiated instruction
Course LevelCurriculum LevelToolIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 11/08/2016
Modified: 28/09/2020
A Wiki that contains a collection of educational tips for the higher education context. On the one hand, these tips are related to teaching that stimulates the different academic competences of students, so-called TACTICS, or Tips for Academic Competence Teaching, Inspired by the Criteria (brochure Criteria for Academic Bachelor’s and Master’s Curricula, TU/e, 2007). Added are tips to improve stu…
Dealing with diversity
Active learning & large groups