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Kees Venner
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Kees Venner is chairman of the Engineering Fluid Dynamics group in the faculty of Engineering Technology, and heads the “Thermal Fluid Engineering” specialisation of the MSc. program Mechanical Engineering.
He is also involved in the international Double-Degree program Mechanical Engineering-Aeronautical Engineering with the Brazilian aeoronautical institute ITA.
Kees’ group aims to provide high level teaching and research in fluid dynamics for problems engineers face in the transition to technology for a resilient society and in health technology. Themes involve thin layer flows aerodynamics and aeroacoustics (noise of wind turbines and airplanes), Computational Fluid Dynamics, and biomedical fluid dynamics. Kees obtained his MSc. and PhD. in mechanical engineering at the UT and spent several years at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. He teaches courses in the BSc. and MSc. curriculum Mechanical Engineering. In addition to this academic teaching experience he is holder of a 3rd degree black-belt (Sandan) in Shotokan karate with a teaching experience of some 20 years to both adults and children.