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Events from 2017 and before

Tue 12 Dec 2017 / 09.30 - 15.45
Teachers Day Wageningen University & Research
The Teachers Day of WUR will take place on 12 December this year. The focus is on innovative university teaching and the experience of teachers involved in education innovation. An attractive programme has been composed with sessions on e.g. ‘diversity in the classroom’, ‘Peer review’ and ‘FeedbackFruits’. You will find the programme here. Note that the links in the programme only work for employees of WUR. Are you a lecturer from one of the other TU’s and would you like to have more information or participate in the Teachers Day, please contact Emiel van Puffelen, 4TU.CEE coordinator for WUR. You can also register directly.
Tue 28 Nov 2017 / 12.30 - 13.30
Lunch & Learn session Team-based Learning
More and more UT teachers experience the advantages of Team-based Learning (TBL). TBL is a versatile instructional strategy, in which students learn to work together in a team. On 28 November a session on TBL is organised at University of Twente. Subscribe now!
Tue 7 Nov 2017 / 10.00 - 13.00
Workshop 'Compose the engineer of the future'
4TU.Centre for Engineering Education and Matthijs van Dijk of Reframing Studio will be giving a workshop titled ‘Composing the Engineer of the Future’, at the TU Delft Teaching Lab. Sign up now!
Thu 19 Oct 2017 / 08.45 - 17.30
19 October Education day 2017 University of Twente
A University is involved in both fields: research and education, but how is the balance between these two? Is the one more important than the other or not? How do they reinforce each other? This year's Education Day is about the interplay between research and education. Keynotes and workshops focus either on research about education, education in research, research and education, research in education or other possible perspectives.
Thu 5 Oct 2017 / 09.30 - 17.00
Onboarding day 'Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in education' on 5 October
What do Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have to offer to Education? Does it create new solutions to unsolved problems in learning environments? Find out in the 4TU.CEE onboarding day on ‘Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in education’ with key notes Pierre Dillenbourg and Max Louwerse and hands-on workshops.
Wed 30 Aug 2017
Teaching Trick workshop
Join the Teaching Trick workshop given by Kristina Edström!
Mon 3 Jul 2017 / 12.30 - 13.30
Workshop Teacher Coaching on 3 July
Professional Identity begins to form when students start their academic study. Although addressing the Professional Identity Development (PID) of students can be very beneficial to students, it seldom is the explicit aim of educational programmes and courses. There is little empirical knowledge available to inform teachers, educational developers and programme directors on how to foster PID and on how to embed it in a course or an educational programme adequately. Against this background, Migchiel van Diggelen and Christina Morgan, studied how teacher coaching, aiming to foster students' professional identity development, was implemented in the departments of Industrial Design and Computer Science. The goal of the project was to gain insight into useful features for coaching models and to learn what good coaching entails.
Thu 15 Jun 2017 / 13.30 - 16.30
Workshop strategies for interdisciplinary teaching and learning
There is a need for engineers who are not afraid to ask critical questions, who can work together well and look beyond the boundaries of their own field. This means students need to learn more about integrating and applying knowledge, methods and skills from different subject areas and multiple sources. 
Mon 13 Feb 2017
Workshop Team Based Learning
On Monday 13 February, 4TU.CEE organises a workshop on Team Based Learning (TBL) in Twente. Teaching staff will learn how to motivate students to prepare for class and actively engage in acquiring and applying knowledge with fellow learners. The workshop will be given by Joy de Vries and Jacqueline Vos from the University of Amsterdam (UvA - AMC) who have been certified by Bradford University as TBL consultants and trainers. To register for this workshop, please send an email to Lisa Gommer: