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What we offer

The technological designer programmes were initiated at the request of the Dutch high-tech industry. High-tech companies need professionals who can design and develop complex new products and processes and offer innovative solutions. All twenty programmes work closely together with high-tech industry, offering the trainees the opportunity to participate in large-scale, interdisciplinary design projects under industrial circumstances. With this unique cooperation we provide our trainees with a valuable network of contacts in industry.

The technological designer programmes also clearly meet an important need for the Dutch high-tech industry. Over the past 35 years more than 4,500 technological designers have found challenging and exciting jobs with (multi)national companies, including Philips, Shell, Oce Technologies, TNO, Akzo Nobel, Dow-Chemical, Ericsson, DSM, Vodafone, Unilever, Schiphol Airport, and ASML.
These companies are united in their praise for the quality of the technological designer programmes and their graduates and offer them a faster track in their career.

To ensure their continued enthusiasm, the programmes employ a strict selection process, accepting only excellent young professionals and graduates with at least a Master of Science diploma from a (technological) university.