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PDEng programmes offer trainees the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience by means of a personal and practical design assignment, under the supervision of experienced scientific design professionals. You will be appointed for the duration of the programme for a maximum of two years. You will also become a member of the scientific staff of one of the universities and receive a salary. These programmes all lead to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng).

β€œAre you ready?”

The two-year post-MSc programmes of 4TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute, can become your passport to a faster successful career in industry or business. This passport is the degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) which you will be awarded upon the successful completion of the programme.

Innovation is the driving force behind the high tech industry. Close collaboration between industry and universities is crucial for innovation. For this we need excellent engineers. Our technological designer programmes train the most talented master graduates, engineers who want to further develop their skills in the field of technological design and who want to contribute to the needs of the high tech industry by developing innovative solutions.

As you become an employee of one of the universities, you combine learning and earning throughout the programme. During the design project in the second year, which is done in and for industry, you demonstrate your ability to apply your theoretical knowledge in solving a real-life, complex design problem. Many of our graduated PDEng trainees joined the company where they carried out their design assignment and now fulfill management positions.

Are you ready to join our PDEng community and boost your career?

Prof.dr. Paul Koenraad
Director 4TU.School for Technological Design,
Stan Ackermans Institute