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21 Oct 2022
Ram Parvathaneni (Automotive Systems Design) wins EngD Academic Award 2022 at TU/e
Ram Parvathaneni (Automotive Systems Design) has won the TU/e EngD Academic Awared. His thesis Virtual Unaging of Van Gogh's Paintings contributes to the preservation of Dutch cultural heritage.
22 Sep 2022
EngD QME Nienke Bakx: success AI in healthcare hinges on a lot of handwork and support from staff
Medical engineer in training talks with podcast host Lieven Scheire about how she used AI to treat breast cancer patients.
18 May 2022
Switch from PDEng to EngD as of 1 September 2022
Why do we switch the degree?
12 May 2022
From PDEng to EngD
If you are following a post-master's design program at the 4TU.School for Technological Design within the Stan Ackermans Institute (SAI), upon completion you may add the academic title Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) to your name. At least until September 1 this year, when the name of the degree will change to EngD: Engineering Doctorate. How that works is explained by Paul Koenraad, director of the 4TU.School for Technological Design within the SAI, which also celebrates its 35th anniversary on May 17. 
14 Feb 2022
A new general brochure for Master students
Our new Master brochure is published!
4 Feb 2022
Nastaran Bajalan's choice for PDEng
Nastaran is a Software Technology PDEng trainee at Eindhoven University of Technology. She comes from Iran, where she completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science at Shahid Beheshti University. So why did she choose to do a PDEng
15 Dec 2021
New: Cum Laude PDEng graduation projects
As of September 2021, PDEngs can receive Cum Laude on their diploma’s. Ram Parvathaneni of ASD was the first one.
26 Nov 2021
New Wageningen PDEng programme to start in January
What will robots on the farm of the future look like? And how can smart eco ducts facilitate the movement of wild animals? Answers to these questions will hopefully be provided by students of the Designs for Agrifood & Ecological Systems of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). A post-masters course specifically focussed on designing for a sustainable future.
18 Nov 2021
Gabriela Daisy Hadiwinoto (PDEng TU Delft) wins Johan Grievink PSE Award 2021
This award is given for an outstanding (MSc/BSc/PDEng/PhD) thesis on process systems engineering. Read more about the award
10 Nov 2021
PDEng awardwinners at TU/e
Tim van den Boom (Qualified Medical Engineer) received the PDEng Award at TU/e for his thesis AngioSupport: The design of an interactive tool to allow numerical modeling in clinical decision making.
19 Mar 2021
Why Anne Grave chose for a PDEng programme
After completing a double master’s in Architecture and Human Technology Interaction, Anne Grave decided to do a PDEng (Smart Buildings & Cities) in order to put her knowledge into practice on a major project.
11 Nov 2020
Why Sophie Cramer chose for a PDEng traineeship
After completing a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at TU Delft, Sophie knew pretty quickly that she wanted to continue her studies with a focus on medical science. “I took a minor in medical science, in which I found that working in healthcare and contributing to a better quality of life actually satisfies me more than designing products that are used on a daily basis.” She transferred to a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and, through an internship, ended up at LUMC, where she finished her studies in the neonatology ward. “The hospital had a vacancy for a PDEng student, but they were still looking for a clinical assignment. The neonatologist with whom I worked proposed our project to them, including to me.” According to Sophie, the best part of taking a PDEng is that you develop yourself in the broadest way possible. A position as a technician working within the technical services allows you to see multiple clinical wards and learn how everything related to technology is organized in hospitals. Sophie: “The broad and deep insight of this PDEng program is unique. It’s easier to compare the program with a traineeship than with a PhD because in the latter, you are more focused on one specific research topic. TU/e’s PDEng program also contains a solid course program which allows you to get in touch with other PDEng trainees. I found this very valuable: although we all worked in different hospitals, we had to complete the same sorts of assignments and projects. I learned how things are organized differently in other hospitals and was able to discuss my assignments with fellow trainees, which was extremely informative.”
27 Oct 2020
4500th PDEng diploma in the Netherlands
On Thursday, October 22nd, the 4500th PDEng diploma in the Netherlands was awarded. Software Technology trainee Hossain Muhammad Muctadir was completely surprised during the graduation ceremony that took place in a small group at the TU/e campus. He was very pleased to receive this honor. 
13 Oct 2020
Financial support 4 PDEng programmes in chemistry
Since October 1st, the Top Sector Chemistry (TKI) has been providing financial support to the PDEng programmes within the scope of chemistry. 4 PDEng programmes at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Delft University of Technology (TUD) receive a contribution of 20,000 euros per trainee, up to a maximum total amount of 400,000 euros.  In this way TKI, just like the Top Sector High Tech Systems and Materials before, is investing in industrial partners and PDEng programmes in this crisis year.
28 Sep 2020
PDEng awardwinners at TU/e
Sophie Cramer PDEng Qualified Medical Engineering wins Audience Award best thesis TU/e