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Valorisation: information for industry

Is your company facing a technological problem that needs solving or a challenging design issue that needs unraveling?

A technological designer (EngD) of the Stan Ackermans Institute may be an attractive option if you are in need for innovative solutions to your technological problems. All our two-year programmes and tracks offer you the possibility to hire a technological designer, a professional who can design and develop complex new products and processes and offer innovative solutions to your technological design issues.

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An EngD trainee is a good investment

On average, assignments carried out by our EngD trainees last 12 months. During this time the designer develops complex new products and processes and offers innovative solutions to your technological design issues. Secondly, you get to know the person well and at the end of the project, you are in the perfect position to decide whether to offer him or her a position within your company.Ā  Practice reveals that this is the case for most designers.

The trainees are highly skilled engineers who use the science available at the university to solve complex technological design problems. The design projects will be defined by your company and executed by our trainees, supervised by one of our highly experienced design scientists; the result is usually a proof of concept or an improved product, process, or control system.

All information regarding the agreements, involvement of the industrial partner within the design project, intellectual property rights and confidentiality issues are part of the standard agreement, between the university of technology and the industrial partner.


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