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EngD trainees speak

Our EngD trainees come from all over the world. They had all kinds of reasons to start a EngD program. They are happy to share them with you!
“I’m expanding my knowledge in my chosen domain, it makes it easier to gain relevant work experience”
Job Nijhuis

Read about Job Nijhuis from the Netherlands, EngD trainee Proces and Product Design, Eindhoven University of Technology (Career Magazine, 2023)

“If you want to gain a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time and master them by applying them in a real-world setting, an EngD is the best option”
Nastaran Bajalan

Read about Nastaran Balajan from Iran, EngD trainee Software Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology 

“If you would like to explore how technology is applied in healthcare, I recommend taking an EngD. If you are already certain of the research you want to conduct in a specific sub-field, a PhD program might suit you better.”
Sophie Cramer

Read about Sophie Cramer from The Netherlands, EngD trainee Qualified Medical Engineer, Eindhoven University of Technology

“If you have the opportunity to do an EngD, take it! You learn a lot, meet nice people and gain a lot of experience. What’s not to like?””
Hector Suarez

Read about Hector Suarez from Venezuela, EngD trainee Process and Equipment Design, TU Delft

“What I like about the EngD, is that I work on today's problems instead of something that might be a solution in fifteen years, like often is the case with Ph.D research.”
Muhammad Faizan Rabbani

Read about Muhammad Faizan Rabbani from Pakistan, EngD trainee, University of Twente

“To people who think about getting a bit more technological know-how, have a hands-on mentality, and want to work in the industry, an EngD is something for them.”
Oindrila Ghosh

Read about Oindrila Ghosh from India, EngD trainee Smart Buildings & Cities, Eindhoven University of Technology

“I would like to see a tangible result and in that sense, a PhD is a bit too theoretical for me. As an EngD I work directly for the industry, with a clear goal in mind. I build something for the user.””
Robin Mennens

Read about Robin Mennens from The Netherlands, EngD  trainee Software Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology

Read more about Sharon Nijenhuis from the Netherlands, EngD trainee QME, Eindhoven University of Technology (Article in Dutch, Career Magazine 2020)