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User System Interaction

These user-system interaction professionals are trained in scientific methods and techniques for the design and evaluation of user interfaces of products, services, and systems.

The emphasis of the program is on technologically complex systems with high concentrations of information. Examples are computer systems, electronic information services, interactive learning systems, complex consumer electronics products, e-commerce services, and professional measurement and control systems, such as modern control rooms and medical systems. These products, services, and systems have in common that most users are unable to make optimal use of the available functionality, have trouble with accessing the information and don’t perceive all functionality as essential.  USI’s are trained in user-centered design methodologies. They are focused on preventing user problems and equipped with knowledge to come up with solutions that support users at work or at home with their information, communication and entertainment activities. In short, the USI designer's field of work is the design and development trajectory of user-system interactions for new products, services, and systems.

PDEng degree

When you successfully complete the Designer’s programme, you will receive a certified diploma. You are entitled to use the academic degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng).


A certified User System Interaction designer has in-depth knowledge of design processes, theoretical as well as practical, which clearly distinguishes him/her from a ‘normal’ MSc. Most of the graduates find excellent positions in the human interaction design industry, often within the company where the final design project was carried out.


The programme starts with 14 month’s of advanced education, followed by a major technological design project of nine months in a company. The study programme has 5 major components:

 First year

 Second year

More information

Learn more about this programme and how to apply by visiting the User System Interaction website.