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Software Technology

The Software Technology (ST) Programme educates trainees in advanced software engineering.

As a trainee you will focus on developing and strengthening your technical and non-technical competencies. These competencies and skills are related to the design and development of software for resource-constrained software-intensive high tech systems, such as real-time embedded or distributed systems.

This course addresses formal methods of specification, verification and design together with software engineering and system technology.

EngD degree

When you successfully complete the Designer’s programme, you will receive a certified diploma. You are entitled to use the academic degree Engineering Doctorate (EngD).


This diploma will enhance your career opportunities. The industry offers engineers from our program excellent jobs because it is known that our graduates have gained superb qualities! Most graduates find jobs like software designer or software architect (including senior positions) and, in the long term, system architect.


The programme starts with a year of advanced education, followed by a major technological design project of eight to twelve months in a company. The program consists of the following courses a.o.:

 First year

 Second year

More information

Learn more about this programme and how to apply by visiting the Software Technology website.