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The purpose of the two-year PDEng programme in Robotics at the University of Twente, is to educate people who are able to create high quality, creative and innovative robotic designs as a solution for complex robotic issues.

PDEng programme in Robotics

The market demand for academically technological designers is no longer fully fulfilled by the regular MSc graduates. The needs of the companies, the possible brain gain and knowledge valorisation from the UT to the companies, are important reasons for the development of a PDEng programme in Robotics.
Topics in the programme are for example Innovative mechatronic design, Advanced sensing and actuation, Embedded systems design and System modeling and control.
The emphasis in the programme will be on obtaining and educating designers practicing skills in finding technological solutions. The PDEng programme in Robotics prepares engineers for the design and deployment of Robotics in the industrial sector, maintenance and inspection sector and medical sector.
For more information about the PDEng programme in Robotics, please see our website, our flyer or contact our Programme Coordinator:

More information
Learn more about this programme and how to apply by visiting the PDEng Robotics website.