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Qualified Medical Engineer

The Qualified Medical Engineer (QME) programme is geared towards the design of technology-based and hands-on solutions in healthcare.

A Qualified Medical Engineer (QME) closely collaborates with a medical doctor to establish a more detailed and accurate diagnosis, using medical engineering skills, such as detailed mathematical modeling and advanced image analysis. This joint effort will lead to a better diagnosis and treatment.

The QME programme is carried out in close cooperation with hospitals and other care institutions all over the Netherlands. All trainees in the programme are required to be fluent in Dutch.

EngD degree

After successfully completing the QME designer’s programme, the graduate will receive a certified QME diploma.  The QME graduate is entitled to use the academic degree Engineering Doctorate  (EngD).


Technology has a rapidly increasing impact on healthcare, both in terms of the equipment used for diagnosing and treating patients as well as the advanced analysis required to interpret these data correctly.  The QME professional is a new brand of academic professionals in healthcare, that effectively copes with these new challenges in healthcare, by adequately using medical engineering and designer skills.  QME graduates find excellent positions in the healthcare domain, mostly in hospitals, but also in healthcare industry.


The QME programme is a unique, hospital-based, and university-managed training program, with a tight professional feedback loop and training of professional skills. 

A QME training programme is only started on demand from a hospital. A highly competitive entry-level selection of candidates is a shared responsibility of university and hospital.

The QME trainee is from day one of the training programme embedded in the (hectic) environment of clinical practice in the hospital.  A design project of effectively one year is the training ground for the applied medical engineering and design capabilities of the trainee in a healthcare environment.  The rest of the training programme consists of (postmaster) courses, workshops, training and smaller (clinical) projects.   Continuous and tight feedback from the university on all aspects of training is the basis for quality assessment of the output of the trainee, both concerning content as well as professional skills.  

More information

Learn more about this programme and how to apply by visiting the QME website.