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Process and Equipment Design

The programme Process and Equipment Design trains and educates MSc graduates to become a qualified designer, capable of designing ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘first of its kind’ products, processes and equipment.

The programme encourages you to actively look beyond the perimeters of your own discipline and to recognise the challenges and restrictions imposed by product chain management, time and money. During design projects you bring industrial and academic knowledge together and apply them in real industrial assignments. The programme is fulltime and takes two years to complete.

EngD degree

Trainees that successfully complete the Designer’s programme, receive a certified diploma and are entitled to use the academic degree Engineering Doctorate (EngD).


A certified Process and Equipment Designer has in-depth knowledge of design processes, theoretical as well as practical, which clearly distinguishes him/her from a ‘normal’ MSc. Most EngD graduates find excellent positions in the industry, often within the company where the final design project was carried out.

Several relevant industries have contributed to the definition of the content and focus of the designer programme in Process and Equipment Design, to ensure the significance of the Eng-degree for the trainees' future career. Trainees gain skills that industries require whilst obtaining two years of work experience. Besides design skills, trainees develop social skills working in multicultural teams.


The programme’s focal point lies in the interdisciplinary area of the design of processes and equipment. For process design, specialist knowledge of several disciplines is required and applied in an integrated manner. The programme focuses on deepening knowledge by

There is also a focus on broadening knowledge by

At the start of the programme, an individual curriculum is defined. The contents of the curriculum depend on the trainees' personal skills and interests. The second year of the traineeship consists of the Individual Design Project (IDP). The project is performed in, or in collaboration with, the product development department of an industrial partner. The IDP offers the perfect opportunity to apply all your knowledge, acquired during the first year of the traineeship.

More information

Learn more about this programme and how to apply by visiting the Process and Equipment Design website.