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Clinical Informatics

The Clinical Informatics programme is geared towards the design of information systems in healthcare.

IT knowledge, but also knowledge of clinical, as well as business processes is crucial to the design of optimal solutions, which really support the professionals in healthcare.

The programme is carried out in close cooperation with hospitals and other care institutions all over the Netherlands. All trainees in the programme are required to be fluent in Dutch.

EngD degree

When you successfully complete the Designer’s programme, you will receive a certified diploma. You are entitled to use the academic degree  Engineering Doctorate (EngD).


A certified Clinical Informatician has in-depth knowledge of the design of information systems in healthcare, theoretical as well as practical. Ggraduates find excellent positions in the welfare and healthcare domain, often within the institution where they worked during the programme.


During the program you work at the care institution for four days a week. One day a week a curriculum at the university is followed.

The curricular part consists of courses on ICT (for healthcare), clinical and business processes, as well as a set of courses on your personal development.

Projects are carried out in the hospitals, where you will make a real difference in the clinical environment.Through the projects and assignments there is a clear link between the theoretical and practical part.

More information

Learn more about this programme and how to apply by visiting the Clinical Informatics website.