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Bioprocess Engineering

The EngD-programme “Designer in Bioprocess Engineering” integrates Engineering with the Life Sciences, plus business disciplines, to prepare you for a career in the multi-facetted biotechnological industry.

You broaden and deepen your theoretical knowledge in the different areas and experience their integration and implementation in real-life applications.

In the Designer in Bioprocess Engineering programme you develop yourself into a visionary team-worker with a strong, state-of-the-art, background in the Biosciences & Chemical Engineering required for innovative bioprocess design. Throughout the programme, you are trained to develop and apply an independent attitude, a critical approach, creativity and a focus on innovative application of the interdisciplinary field of Biochemical Engineering.

EngD degree

Trainees that successfully complete the Designer’s programme, receive a certified diploma and are entitled to use the academic degree Engineering Doctorate (EngD).


A certified BioProcess Engineer has in-depth knowledge of design processes, theoretical as well as practical, which clearly distinguishes him/her from the MSc graduates. Most EngD graduates find excellent positions in industry, often within the company where the final design project was carried out.

Several relevant industries have contributed to the definition of the content and focus of the designer programme in BioProcess Engineering, to ensure the significance of the EngD-degree for the trainees future career. Trainees gain skills that industries require whilst obtaining two years of work experience. Besides design skills, trainees develop social skills working in multicultural teams.


A large part of the first year consists of multi and interdisciplinary courses. The course programme represents the requisite areas and is further tuned to the background and interest of the trainee. The compulsory disciplines range from Applied Mathematics and Physical/Chemical Basics, through Conversion Technology and Reactor Design, Separation Processes, Process Integration and Control, Biosciences and Environmental Technology, to Business Sciences and Project Management. The trainees attend courses like Bioreactor Design, Scale up / Scale down, Advanced Process Design and Analysis, Metabolic Engineering, Applied Genomics of Industrial Fermentation, Bioprocess Integration and Economic Evaluation. Attention is given to the integration of the different disciplines and the appreciation of the role of technology in industry.

The second year of the traineeship consists of the Individual Design Project (IDP). The project is performed in, or in collaboration with an industrial partner. The IDP offers the perfect opportunity to apply all your knowledge, acquired during the first year of the traineeship.

More information

Learn more about this programme and how to apply by visiting the Designer in BioProcess Engineering website.