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How 20 PDEng trainees helped Bosch Security Systems

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

We’re at the Bosch Security Systems headquarters in Eindhoven. Ten of the twenty Eindhoven University of Technology trainees are waiting nervously until all stakeholders of Bosch have found a place in the room. The final presentation of their eight-week project is about to start. A short period in which the technological design trainees worked as a team on a real life assignment coming from the industry. A period in which they actually delivered a working prototype for Bosch.

The group of talented software designers holding a Master’s degree in their own specialization, started off with the challenge to make the existing Bosch DICENTIS conference system BYOD (bring your own device) compatible. A challenge which cannot be done in eight weeks. After a domain and feasibility analysis, the project team redefined the scope of the project to extending the current system in order to pair the participant’s personal smart devices with the conference system, making sure this occurs in a secured environment, and with keeping the existing functions of the DICENTIS system intact as much as possible.

Win-win situation
This project at Bosch Security Systems is the first of three in-house training projects this class of 2016 will carry out this year before working on their final graduation projects to receive their Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree in Software Technology (PDEng ST). The PDEng ST, formerly known as OOTI, is a two-year salaried program of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science, which can be followed after gaining a Master’s degree in the field of Computer Science or a related field.