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Examples of EngD projects

Answering capacity related questions
Capacity analysis via mathematical process modelling

Raquel Dias, EngD trainee Designer in Bioprocess Engineering (Delft)

Company: Janssen Biologics BV / Johnson & Johnson

The combination of multi-products in the commercial plant of this pharmceutical company  is a complex reality.  Restrictions related to materials, work areas, labor etc. have to be taken into account. In order to answer these capacity related questions, a digital twin of the business unit was built. Goal was to develop a capacity model to simulate the main production processes in the BU, and test the feasibility of what-if capacity scenarios.

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Tool for HVAC, facility, building and machine learning
Fault detection and diagnosis in cooling coils of chilled water systems

Ananad Thamban, EngD trainee Smart Buildings and Cities (Eindhoven)

Company: Kropman Installatietechniek BV

Due to climate change there is an increased demand for air conditioning. The occurence of the low delta-T syndrome in the cooling coils of chilled water systems affects a stable operation of these indoor cooling systems. Goal of this project was to develop a fault detection and diagnosis tool to detect the low delta-T syndrome, using machine learning models and Bayesian networks. This tool allows the systems to comply with the comfort requirements.

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Next level fish health monitoring
Design of an implantable biosensor for real-time in vivo measurements in aquatic organisms

Bram Kok, EngD trainee Design for Agrifood & Ecological Systems (Wageningen)

Company: Wageningen Research Institute

To address challenges in fish health monitoring, an innovative approach using integrated optics to measure the Interleukin-6 (IL-6) concentration in fish blood has been explored. IL-6 is a cytokine associated with the immune response in fish.  Elevated levels of this cytokine indicate an inflammatory response. Ultimately, this project is a first big step towards the design of an implantable biosensor for real-time in vivo measurements of IL-6 and other substances in the blood circulation.

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Expansion of the toolbox of thermoplastic composite design engineers
Hot gas welding of thermoplastic composite T-joints

Mauryn de Graaf, EngD trainee Robotics (Twente).

Company: Thermoplastic Composites Research Center

Composite materials offer high performance in lightweight constructions. The latest welding techniques may be automated, allowing to better control over the weld parameters. The lab-scale research set-up in this project is used to establish the relationship between the input process parameters and the mechanical performance of the joint. Multiple joint designs and geometries can be validated using this setup. This project is a step towards incorporating a specific weld head on a serial robot for large scale welding of stiffeners.

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