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Examples of EngD projects

Design of a Gel Product for sedimentation control in the Rotterdam port area

Atha Bampatzeliou, former EngD trainee Chemical Product Design (Delft)

Companies: Deltares, Royal HaskoningDHV, Rijkswaterstaat, Port of Rotterdam, CiTG - ChemE TU Delft

Sediment tends to accumulate in small channels in the port of Rotterdam which obstructs daily ship navigation and requires maintenance with high-cost dredging operations. The goal of this project was to design a gel product that helps in the sedimentation control in the Rotterdam port area and contributes to the reduction of disposal costs, by offering a feasible, stable, and eco-friendly solution.

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Wireless Technologies in Future Aircraft

Asterios Souftas, former EngD trainee Design of Electrical Engineering Systems (Eindhoven)

Company: Fokker Elmo

Aviation is undergoing a major transition. Future aircraft are expected to be CO2 neutral and energy efficient. Wireless technologies are a key enabler for this transformation. A reliable wireless network can be used instead of wiring to interconnect all the electrical systems within an aircraft. This allows for significant weight reduction and a configurable and flexible design. To reap the rewards of a wireless network many challenges need to be overcome.

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Responsible Implementation of Technology in the Cleaning Sector

Roy van Zijl, former EngD  trainee Robotics (Twente).

Company: Raad voor Arbeidsverhoudingen in de Schoonmaak- en Glazenswassersbranche (RAS)

The main goal of the project is to create a technological solution that improves the mental and physical working conditions of cleaners whilst also accepted by them. The project used a systems engineering approach by looking  into the system architecture of the technology under design, as well as its relationship with the cleaner that will use it and its surroundings.

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Design of a system to monitor patients at home after colorectal surgery

Roberto Garcia van der Westen, EngD programme Qualified Medical Engineer (Eindhoven)

Company: Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis

Bowel cancer is among the most commonly diagnosed types in the Netherlands. Because complications after surgery are difficult to predict, this often results in unnecessarily long hospitalization duration for low-risk patients. The goal was to design a tailored system for bowel cancer patients that enables safe recovery and monitoring from home after surgery.

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