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4TU HTSF 2021 - Call voor Expressions of Interest nu open

maandag, 30 augustus 2021

Only available in English

Do you want to collaborate with your 4TU colleagues and make societal impact? Then submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) for the HTSF call 2021!

Deadline for Submissions: October 6, 14.00 hrs.

The 4TU.Federation, made up of the four Universities of Technology of the Netherlands, is committed to strengthening and pooling technological knowledge in the Netherlands. The first edition of the High Tech for a Sustainable Future (HTSF) programme was shaped around these ambitions and will end in December 2022. The 4TU.Federation now aims to award a new set of theme based research programmes through the next HTSF call.

High Tech for a Sustainable Future - call 2021

The goal of the High Tech for a Sustainable Future programme is to stimulate structural and sustainable collaborative theme-oriented research between the four TU’s on topics that require 4TU collaboration and for which it is currently more difficult to acquire funding externally (i.e. new or high risk topics). The societal relevant research programmes attract and develop new and diverse talent for the four TU’s and aim to deliver societal impact through scientific breakthroughs. After a funded start-up period of five years, research should continue without 4TU.Federation funding. The programmes strive to increase visibility and impact of the 4TU.Federation in society.

Important characteristics of the programmes

 Important steps & expected time line

Webinars/ question hours


* Current HTSF Programmes

DeSIRE: Designing Systems for Informed Resilience Engineering;

Precision Medicine: Integrating Multiscale Functional Imaging and Advanced Machine Learning;

Pride and Prejudice: Chronic disease prevention through real-life monitoring and intervention design;

Plantenna: Innovative sensors for plant stress and environmental strain for sustainable vegetation and farming;

Soft Robotics: Next generation soft robotic systems